Seven reasons for developing with Laravel

Tino Jose
Oct 20 8 min read

When it comes to programming a new platform, whether as an app or a web application, there are many options and frameworks available for implementation. These have the most diverse functions, which often make you lose the overview. For this reason, we would like to introduce the PHP framework Laravel in this blog article. We would like to recommend it to our customers for the development of their platform because it has many advantages. Find out more about the seven reasons for developing with Laravel, which not only save development time but also costs.

What is Laravel?

Before we come to the advantages, we would like to explain briefly what Laravel is exactly. Laravel is a free open-source PHP web framework developed in 2011 by Taylor Otwell. The Laravel platform thrives on the extremely dynamic support of the developer community and is considered the most popular PHP framework today.

What makes the framework stand out is its expressive and “elegant” syntax, created to simplify and accelerate the entire development process, as well as its powerful features, the best of which we will discuss below.

Reasons for the development with Laravel


One of the most important reasons for choosing a Laravel Framework is security. It offers a high level of security parameters that are not available in any other framework in this way. The framework blocks malware activities and secures website data and code from any hacker attacks.

Fast results

Laravel is also often used in large companies because its dynamic capabilities make it very suitable for handling large and complex projects. The development time can be reduced considerably compared to other frameworks. Almost everything is immediately configurable and so your project can be brought to market very quickly. Especially in the pre-built components are available, which make it possible to bring apps to the market in a very short time.

Open Source and Commercial Support

The framework itself and most of the extensions that exist are open sources and completely free. But there are also commercial extensions and solutions that offer support, which can be ideal for enterprise customers.


Almost all known APIs and services can be easily and quickly integrated into the framework thanks to existing open-source extensions: social logins, payment systems, etc.


Laravel is based on more than 20 different libraries and is itself divided into different individual modules. The framework has adopted modern PHP principles that allow developers to create modular, responsive, and user-friendly web applications.

Easy configuration

The Laravel framework supports many development environments and adapts itself depending on the platform on which the application runs. This is possible, among other things, through auto-completion functions that are not found in other PHP frameworks.


Laravel offers various tools to maintain websites and web applications faster, more stable, and very easy. These also help developers improve the performance of web applications. This means that when a company develops a web application with the framework, it will perform better than other web applications.

Development with Laravel: The perfect solution for companies

As you can see, Laravel offers many ways to make life easier for programmers. But also for you as a customer, it offers many advantages because it’s not only easy to handle, but also reduces the development time significantly.

Now that you know all the advantages of the framework, would you like to have an enterprise application developed as a web or app for your company? Then contact us today for one that will help us to determine whether Laravel is the right solution for your project!

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Tino Jose
Oct 20 8 min read

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