Work With Us

We are always looking for talented young fellows to join our growing team.

Core Values

We build tools, but we are not tools

Inspired by the desire for efficient work, we hope to build meaningful tool-based software and make them adopted by users around the world.

But we also realize that we should not work mechanized like tools. We respect the collision and expression of ideas. The imagination and creativity of employees are the company's greatest wealth.


You can be silent but we can't be indifferent.

For every member of the team, we will provide the best possible care. Although the fellows are busy at work, we creates a leisure time for everyone, and promotes more and better communication.

Competitive Salary

All positions are offered at a salary not lower than the industry average.

Flexible Working Time

The result-oriented working mode, be the master of time.

New Work Platform

This includes but is not limited to MacBook, 4K display, notebook, etc.

Group building Activities

At the company we are a family, we are still a family out of the company.

Open Positions

Work for yourself, not for us

A job that is right for you is worth more than a job you can do.

HeyTerm Talent Search Program 2019
NodeJS Developer Details
Cochin, India
Frontend Developer Details
Cochin, India
QA Engineer Details
Cochin, India
Sales Representitive Details
Cochin, India (Remote acceptable)
Customer Service Agent Details
Cochin, India (Remote acceptable)