I cannot create a user because an account already exists. What to do?

You want to create a sub-user (user, account employee) as an account holder, but when you enter the e-mail address, you receive the message "An account with this e-mail address already exists". ? Then this employee has his or her own account with HeyForm, a free test account, for example - which must first be renamed or deleted completely before you can use this email address to set up a sub-user account in your account.

You can do this:

Please contact the owner of the e-mail address in question. Ask the person to rename the already existing account.

rename it -> by changing the e-mail address (in the account area - > personal data -> e-mail/ account transfer), if the account is still needed, OR
delete (in the account area -> at the bottom "Delete account"), if the account is no longer needed.
The e-mail address is "released" by one of the two options and can then be used as the e-mail address for the sub-user account.

Background: An email address can only be used for ONE account at HeyForm and can never be used twice.