Killer e-commerce landing pages with tons of features

Landing pages and e-commerce go hand in hand. At some point, your e-commerce business will need adverts to drive traffic. These adverts should direct potential customers to a landing page. The same goes for links from blogs and publications. Visitors will be confused if they cannot reach the relevant landing page.

So, the thing is which landing page builder are you gonna choose?

There are many options for creating a personalized environment that increases conversions and allows you to connect with your audience. Landing page tools come in all shapes and sizes, with solutions designed just for you.

Were you excited when we recommended EarlyBird’s beautiful templates, collaboration tools, and heatmaps? This EarlyBird review sums it up.

For superior functionality

Most landing page generators have basic functionality. Decent landing page templates and design tools. However, EarlyBird goes one step further and offers a range of features to not only create landing pages but also convert those pages. When you use EarlyBird as part of your marketing tools, you not only get a comprehensive landing page builder and editor. You also get detailed Google Analytics analysis, access to split testing, and intuitive customizable templates.

Take a look at what you can achieve using Earlybird Landing Pages.

Heat maps with A/B testing.

Partial testing and the use of analytical tools are necessary to maximize the use of landing pages for custom domains. This help to understand which pages have the highest conversion rates and help to achieve the desired return on campaign investment.

Beautiful templates and drag-and-drop builder

Another area to look out for when reviewing Earlybird’s functionality is the custom templates that are available to view. Any good landing page builder will show you a variety of ways to create an effective landing page.

The basic lead generation system

Extensively customizable templates are just one of the things you need to create a landing page. You should also have access to a good lead generation system to improve your conversion rate measurement.

What about the price?

Before you invest in new tools for your team, from Google Adwords campaigns to HTML strategies, and landing pages to digital marketing plans, you need to make sure the new solution fits into your budget. Before you buy a domain name or sign a contract with Salesforce, you’ll spend time calculating how much your new online venture will cost.

While Earlybird is one of the most effective landing page creation tools on the market, it’s also not one of the most expensive. Compared to other options like Infusionsoft, Clickfunnels, Activecampaign, and Leadpages, Early Bird is relatively inexpensive. However, there are cheaper options, depending on your team and agency’s needs.

Superior: $8 /mo, For creators with multiple ideas who want to efficiently test and refine them.

Shipper: $15 /mo, For productive shippers who want to work more efficiently.

It also offers learning materials, webinars, case studies, and e-books to help you understand Earlybird tools and services. Most importantly, these tutorials go beyond the basics of Early Bird to teach marketing and other e-commerce fundamentals.