Can I automatically filter participants during the survey?

Yes, with the participation action within the questionnaire control you can set up the survey to automatically filter participants depending on their response behavior while the survey is running. You set filter conditions before starting the survey, which ensures that your participants receive a label when answering, and are marked depending on which answer was given. In this way, you facilitate the evaluation of your survey.

The ‘Set Attribute’ is a function that makes the evaluation easier for you because filtering already happens automatically during the survey. Especially with extensive filter conditions (e.g. answering a certain combination of several answer options results in 1 attribute) there is then less work during the evaluation. With this function, a segmentation of the participants into groups can be implemented in an automatic way during the survey.

Alternatively, you can also choose the non-automatic way, filter the results during the evaluation and perform the segmentation “manually”, so to speak. You can read how to do this on our helpdesk.