How can heat maps increase conversions?

Conversion optimization can be roughly divided into three work steps:

  • Identification of possible weak points.
  • Elaboration of a possible solution and formulation of a corresponding hypothesis.
  • Testing the hypothesis with the help of an experiment.

Heatmaps help in particular to identify possible weak points:

  • Elements that irritate the user.
  • Elements that tend to bore the user.
  • Elements that cause the user to abandon the visit.

However, heat maps can also help to work out potential solutions:

  • Place an infographic at certain positions
  • Insert or change text
  • Make elements more visually prominent
  • Remove elements

Heatmaps only ever indicate something. For example, if users spend a long time on a text paragraph, this can have many causes. It takes a certain amount of experience with CRO (conversion optimization) and UX design to be able to interpret such facts correctly. If this is lacking, false conclusions are quickly drawn.