Optimize background images in your forms

When designing your forms in HeyForm, you can set the background color and background image. This is a great way to personalize your survey form, evaluation form, or registration form.

You can add any background image you like. Sometimes a large image can be used as a background, and sometimes a smaller image repeated vertically or horizontally can be used.

The advantage of small images is that they load very quickly with the questionnaire form, even for users with slow connections, such as 3G mobile devices.

Adding your own background image for your form in HeyForm is easy.

Click on “Choose background image” in the form designer and choose one of the default backgrounds. If you have your own image, you can also upload it directly to HeyForm and include it in the form.

Here you can also choose how you want to repeat the background image if it is not large enough to cover the entire browser window when the form is loaded.

If you choose to repeat the background horizontally, the result will be perfect if you set the color at the bottom of the image as the background color in the form as that color will appear where the image is not displayed in the background.