What is meant by Voice Search?

When we talk about voice search, we actually mean voice search on the Internet. But mostly we are talking about Siri or Alexa. It is a special search function using natural language that has gained importance, especially in recent years, due to the technical development of mobile devices. This special search is based on question-answer communication. The focus here is on the direct feedback of the search query made.

The pioneers of this development are primarily the voice assistants from Apple and Google. But Amazon with Alexa and Microsoft with Cortana quickly followed suit. With these intelligent assistants, you can conveniently perform tasks that go far beyond conventional Internet searches.

For example, you can make calls or write messages without having to move. These applications are mainly available on smartphones, tablets, or smart devices. The latter can be used, for example, to switch on lights or set the alarm clock.

Voice Search and SEO

For content marketing, voice search means one thing above all: a permanent change in search habits on the web. And we can already adapt to it as best we can! No doubt, the keyboard will not be completely replaced, but the spoken word will take a large part of search queries.

Until now, choosing the right keywords in conjunction with comprehensive content has been the key to success. Meanwhile, marketers must also be able to deliver answers to spoken customer queries.

Voice-based queries are longer than text-based ones. While text-based searches average 2-3 words, voice searches average 7-9 words. For example, text-based search searches for “sneaker white Nike,” while voice search searches for “Where can I get cheap white sneakers from Nike?”